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NexGen Portable Stage System For Fundraisers Event

Fundraising is an essential part of most nonprofit organizations. Keep reading about the role of NexGen Portable stage for fundraising event. The problem is, doing the same thing year after year can get somewhat repetitive and worse, can become ineffective. The best way to fix this is to put the FUN back in FUNdraising. Here are our Top 10 classically entertaining ways to raise money for your team, organization or cause!

How To Put The FUN In Fundraisers?

  • Go nonstop

What’s more challenging than picking an event and doing it until you have to stop?! Dance-a-thons and sport-a-thons, like basketball hoop contests or soccer penalty shoot-out, are exciting and challenging ways to involve everyone at any age.

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  • Get Dirty

Instead of having a standard volleyball tournament or run, imagine sloppy mud instead of sand or dirt. Kids (of all ages!) will have an absolute ball jumping right in for the cause.

  • Vogue

Encourage the community to plan outfits, walk the runway and attend a fun fashion show! Creative lighting and decor, upbeat music and a goody bag are a must to attract the right donors to this event.

  • Have a rooftop event

From hosting a fitness class to live performances, an outdoor fundraiser can encourage countless people to come together for a good cause in a new way. No more stuffy, ballroom dinner galas.

  • Cookbooks

Have people pay to have their favorite recipe featured in the cookbook, then sell the compiled books at a holiday party! Everyone will love seeing their name in the cookbook, and knowing others are enjoying their best dishes.

  • Pack up your favorite snacks for a drive-in movie

All it takes is a projector, a large screen or building side, and open area. Families will love spending time together while helping raise money for a good cause.

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  • Front row seats

Team up with a local playhouse, stadium or concert hall to sell raffle tickets. During halftime or intermission, draw a handful of winners who get to watch the game on a plush couch located just off of the court or field.

  • Sell festive cards

Coordinate with those who will benefit from the sales of the stationery to create custom cards from holiday to birthday to thank you cards, the personal touch from a beneficiary will go a long way with your community, donors, and sponsors.

  • Comedy

Comedy is the best remedy and it’s also a perfect way to raise money! Work with a local comedian or comedy club to donate their services so all ticket sales benefit your organization.

  • Host an art show

Collect pieces from local art students, generous designers, and talented community members. You can generate ticket sales for the event as well as revenue from the sales of the art itself. Pick an unusual venue or bring in furniture (instead of walls) to display the artwork to really pump up the uniqueness of this event.

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NexGen Portable staging for fundraising event

For hosting a fundraising event, you need a stage to be prominent and portable staging is the best option for this. Currently, the portable stage is commonly made use of all over, for example, museums, colleges, live shows and so forth. This is a new sort of mobile stage system.  Comparing to the conventional stages, the portable stage has 3 key benefits.
  1. Portable stage is easy to set up

Portable stage is composed of portable stage platforms and stage risers. The easy framework makes it simple to set-up. There is no need a great deal of hefty equipment, a portable stage could put together by a girl.

  1. Portable stage is light weight

The portable stage platform is basically made from good quality plywood, which is durable and light. The unique layout stage risers make the stage hold a hefty weight even an automobile! The conventional stage is generally made from lightweight aluminum, iron, copper and various other steels, that make the stage much heavy. The unique portable stage is light, and it is very easy to transport.

  1. Portable stage economical

There is no need of excessive product, the portable stage is less complicated to make. As compared to the conventional stage, the portable stage is more affordable.

As a result of 3 significant benefits, the portable staging system comes to be a lot more well-liked and much more in demand.

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