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Spiral Staircases By Staircase Companies Sheffield

You may notice that many people have questions about the spiral staircases, Staircase companies Sheffield because they were thinking of decorating the extra space. What you need, when trying to get space in the house by decorating the basement? It does not feel so advantageous to decorate square feet in the basement if you lose the same amount on the first floor.

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Measurements of spiral staircase:

The spiral staircase by staircase companies Sheffield is great because it is a space efficient – the twisting system on its own axis. It is found in various sizes. Just remember that it will be harder to carry things up in a small spiral staircase, for example, carry a wide bed is quite difficult through a narrow staircase but if you have another opening like windows you can take it easy.

So, you must choose a wider option for a high traffic way. When you look around at different stair manufacturers’ websites, you will see that they are available in dimensions of diameter 100-240 cm.

Child safety on spiral stairs:

Distance of the stairs, between steps or railings, will be no larger than 10 cm to the steps in order to be child safe.

Price on the spiral staircase:

The spiral style contemporary staircases are generally more costly than a traditional straight staircase, but they differ greatly in price depending on the model and material including wood, stainless steel, and glass. Special sizes are more expensive than the standard version.

Staircase companies

Staircase Companies Sheffield| Contemporary Staircases

The Stair Company UK spiral staircases Sheffield suitable as evacuation or inspection staircase and can also be combined with a full or segments bur. Their spiral staircase consists of easy to handle parts that are screwed together. Welding is not necessary during installation. By using the services of The Stair Company UK, you can lower your purchasing and installation costs.

To know more, visit Thestaircompanyuk.co.uk Or call at 0114 285 4994 to get free quotes.