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Advantages Of Biometric Kontrola Dostepu

Biometric Kontrola dostepu is a identification system based on the biological qualities of the user. Within this system, we can differentiate between different types of recognition. It can be by fingerprint, facial, ocular or vascular.

What Are The Advantages Of Kontrola Dostepu Systems?

Kontrola dostepu is a identification system that recognizes users and admits or restricts entrance to buildings. It also allows you to know who has accessed the facility and know what time it has done and even keep a record of it. This type of installation is very useful in a wide variety of buildings, from residential and residential complexes to industrial buildings, shops, offices, residences, libraries, laboratories, etc.

The control of biometric access allows the identification of users thanks to some of its biological qualities.

Among the types of identification systems that are used, is the biometric Kontrola dostepu system, which allows the identification of users thanks to some of their biological qualities. The first, the one that uses the fingerprint, take advantage of the differentiation in this aspect of each person. It is an identification method in force since 1883, considered of great reliability and is the most developed among biometric access control systems. It is also the most simple, effective and economic recognition of all those based on biometric characteristics.

Biometric Kontrola Dostepu

Advantages Of Biometric Kontrola Dostepu

The main advantages of biometric access control are:

Provides An Extra Dose Of Safety

This type of control is the safest system, since, for example, the fingerprint is a unique and unrepeatable feature in each person.

Low Maintenance Cost

Once installed, this type of access control has a much lower maintenance cost compared to other systems.

It does not require additional door opening devices. This system does not require traditional switches, switches or switches. Being based on the recognition of the unique character of the person, it dispenses with these elements, so that the situation of loss of keys does not occur.

It is an comfortable system in the event that users change very often, such as in office buildings where new staff regularly visit or trade visits.

Sometimes a combined identification system is used, which offers great advantages. That is, they take advantage of biometric access control with code identification, proximity or radio frequency (remote control). This raises the price of the installation, but in turn provides greater flexibility of use.